1. cabinporn:

    100-year old traditional cottage in Kućica, Zagorje, Croatia.

    Contributed by Damir Žižić. More photos

  2. Octopussy

  3. Tuna pancetta

  4. Salad soon

  5. Branding and packaging for Croatian “honest wines Matković”.
    Wrapping paper conceals the bottles. Once unwrapped bottles reveal small, unspoken truths on the labels. 

  6. Quiche

  7. Pie dough leftovers turned into nutty cinnamon cookies.

  8. Oxtail stew (dalmatian pasticada style) with white polenta

  9. Home-made (and home-grown) salsa

  10. Slowly roasted tomatoes with garlic and thyme

  11. Zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta and honey 

  12. No-knead bread

  13. Adriatic tuna confit

  14. Raspberry chocolate pavlova

  15. Osso bucco